NED believes in recommendations. Every entrepreneur knows that satisfied customers and clients are the best ambassadors he could wish for.

‘Ruud had worked closely with a member of our staff on their management skills. He also gave a presentation to a group of senior sales staff in Copenhagen. Our people felt they were in good hands, I gathered from the feedback they gave me. Our aim was to build bridges and connect people and departments. This goal was met.’
Jorgen Lavesen, Atradius

‘I like people to be direct, accessible, and have an open style of communicating. This is particularly important if I trust them to work with my business teams. What I appreciate about Ruud is that he made me very aware of people’s vulnerability. Sometimes you are successful if you succeed in persuading somebody to take a good hard look in the mirror.’
Gerbien van Wijngaarden, Amlin Corporate Insurance

‘NED definitely brings a positive vibe to your company. NED has a positive view of people, is full of enthusiasm and listens without prejudice. If your company is recovering from a slump, or maybe you have had to let people go or have just gone through a merger, NED has the right approach to get people to commit to giving their best.’
Frank Timmers, logistics director Europe, Access Business Group

‘Without any exception, our participants were glad to have been part of the team training. Some of them had definitely broken new ground, others had an enriching experience. For Capi this training fully met our expectations.’
Peter Breuer, managing director Capi