‘Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.’
Victor Hugo

Will your enterprise survive in the age of sustainability?
If there is one thing the past couple of years have made crystal clear, it is the urgent need to come up with a sustainable growth model for the enterprise of the 21st century.

Citical or dynamic?
More and more, citizens and governments demand sustainable solutions for today’s world. Businesses that fail to respect their environment, instead choosing to deplete resources, are increasingly being criticised. As a response to this growing consumer criticism, all sectors experience a new dynamic. The financial sector is searching for new relevance. Industrial companies are reviewing their production processes. Businesses in food and consumer goods aim for a balanced approach. Everywhere, pioneers are working on a model that will yield truly sustainable growth for the company, its environment, and future generations.

Stagnation or evolution?
All the same, countless companies are choosing to keep on operating in the way of yesterday. They prefer consolidation to evolution and will ignore signals from the market. They are inclined to close their eyes to reality. They resemble the dinosaurs after the impact of the meteor, some 65 million years ago. These giants were not equipped to adapt to a climate that changed drastically, instantly. Now they are on display at the museum, or in a Spielberg feature. Entertaining and instructive, but otherwise quite irrelevant.

Tyrannosaurus or pioneer?
Anyone who takes the trouble to look at the world, can see the lessons that successful companies have for us. There is only one recipe: adapt or die. How can businesses change their DNA? How can they adapt their most inner being to a new age? What does a successful evolutionary strategy look like? Often businesses possess all the ingredients needed to reach a sustainable growth model. All they have to do is unleash the forces that can lead to an evolutionary breakthrough.

NED helps businesses find the answers which move them towards a sustainable growth model.