‘Often, businesses possess all the necessary ingredients for creating a sustainable growth model. It is just a matter of unlocking the treasure vault. You hold the key.’

‘NED creates movement, accelerates development, and prepares the way for an evolutionary breakthrough. This sounds simple, and if you adopt the right approach, it will be.’

‘Any company which unleashed the force of individual employees, will use their investments to maximum benefit. This always provides return for its stakeholders.’

‘By focussing on sustainable growth, businesses manage to achieve innovation and improve their processes and products.’

‘I firmly believe that every enterprise that develops a vision for the future of their own activities, will ultimately choose to make their investments sustainable.’

‘NED unburdens organisations, makes teams stronger, opens the door towards the environment. Every one of us has an entrepreneurial side.’

‘Being a good entrepreneur begins with being committed, pure and simple. Commited to your customer, your product, and your own business.’

‘Let us always remember that one of the conditions to create sustainable growth is the ability to have fun.’