1. Commitment leads to breakthrough
NED believes in commitment. NED invests in commitment in order to prepare businesses for the next level breakthrough.

2. Crossing borders opens up new perspectives
NED believes in being innovative. NED integrates the most recent insights from the fields of management, psychology and teamwork into the NED Method.

3. Smart thinking supports sustainable growth
NED believes in sustainability. NED chooses the most sustainable way towards results, by smartly balancing investment and return.

4. Attitude inspires action
NED believes in having fun. NED instills professionals with enthousiasm for optimal performance within their work environment.

5. Sharing creates value
NED believes in sharing. NED offers businesses opportunities to connect to community projects in the fileds of education and talent development.

6. Individual power feeds collective strength
NED believes in networks. NED offers professionals access to a challenging and inspiring network which offers unprecedented possibilities for development and growth.

7. Diversity drives the dynamic
NED believes in diversity. NED promotes respect for any differences in background, convictions, skills, and performance, as long as these differences contribute to the enterprise’s mission.

+ . Performance merits reward
NED believes in rewarding fairly. NED charges fees which are in proportion to the services and performance delivered and rewards associates and suppliers accordingly.